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Customized Service1


● Customize a variety of resistive touch panel and capacitive touch panel.
● Custom size:2.1~32inch various sizes touch panel and 1~32inch cover glass.
● Custom touch function: support gloves, waterproof, thick cover glass antifouling, active stylus and passive stylus.
● Cover glass surface treatment: AF, AG ,AR.
● Optical adhesive full fit process capability.
● Double-sided tape frame fit process capability.
● Please contact us for details.

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Customized Service2

CUSTOMIZED SERVICEResistance Touch Panel Process Capability:

● We can make two layers, three layers, four layers of different structure products.
● Commonly used ITO Glass thickness is 0.7mm, 1.1mm, 1.8mm, 3.0mm.
● FPC can be flexibly designed according to customer structural requirements.

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Customized Service4

CUSTOMIZED SERVICECapacitive Touch Panel Process Capability:

● Laser process silver ink line width of a minimum of 0.05mm.
● Eraser double-sided ITO glass commonly used thickness is 0.4mm, 0.55mm, 0.7mm, 1.1mm.
● FPC can be flexibly designed according to customer structural requirements.
● Supports USB ,I2C,SPI various interface.
● The common brands of capacitive touch IC include GOODIX, ILITEK, FocalTeck and so on.

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Customized Service3

CUSTOMIZED SERVICECover Glass Process Capability:

● Shape: Support special-shaped and trepanning.
● Material: Different glass materials can be selected, there are Asahi glass, Corning, Panda and other brands.
● Thickness: 0.7mm, 1.1mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.8mm, 3.0mm,4.0mm, 6.0mm.
● Cover Glass Effects: Different colors and pattern effects can be made.
● Surface treatment: AF, AG,AR different effects of surface treatment, at the same time AG+AR+AF surface treatment of glass cover, with high permeability, anti-scratch, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint and other effects.

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CUSTOMIZED SERVICEOptical Bonding And Frame Fitting Process Capability:

Customized Service6

● Optical adhesive full bond.
● Double sided tape frame fit.
● TFT can be provided by customers, or our company can buy according to customer requirements.
● We can adjust the optical display effect of the cover glass view area according to customer requirements, when the display device is off, the full screen will be black to achieve the integrated black effect.

CUSTOMIZED SERVICEDevelopment Support:


01. Evaluation and quotation of drawing specifications
According to the drawings provided by customers, we conduct structural assessment, production feasibility assessment, quotation, and provides the evaluated drawings and specifications for customer confirmation.

02. Confirm drawing specifications and order custom samples
The customer confirmed that there was no problem with the drawing specification and ordered the customized sample to our company.

03. Sample production
We will carry out sample production and burning procedures according to the drawing specifications confirmed by customers, and provide samples and test procedures to customers for sample debugging and confirmation after completion.

04. Sample debugging
If there is any problem during the debugging, we will modify the test procedure according to the feedback from the customer. If it is related to the test environment, we will communicate with the customer to confirm and arrange engineers to go to the customer's site to confirm and solve it if necessary.

05. Sample confirmation
After the customer's sample passes the test, the confirmation information will inform our company and sign the sample.

06. Mass production
After the sample is confirmed, it can enter the mass production stage. We will take the samples and test procedures confirmed by the customer as the standard specifications for mass production, and can carry out mass production at any time.

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