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What is the difference between capacitive touch panel and resistive touch panel?


What is the difference between capacitive touch panel and resistive touch panel?


There are many types of touch panels on the market, the more common main resistive touch panel(RTP), capacitive touch panel (CTP), surface acoustic wave touch panel, infrared touch panel. At present, the most widely used touch panel mainly has two kinds of capacitive touch panel and resistive touch panel.

Working principle

The capacitive touch panel uses the current induction of the human body to work, and the resistive touch panel works through pressue sensing.

Touch technology

Capacitive touch panel: Support multi-touch, fast response, sensitive response.

Resistive touch panel: Pressure sensitive, can be touched with any object.

Use environment

Capacitive touch panel: easy to be affected by changes in environmental temperature, humidity, electric field and other factors, we can optimize the display according to the use scenario.

Resistive touch panel: The screen is not easily affected by dust, water vapor and oil, and can be used in a lower or higher temperature environment and can adapt to harsh environments.

 Service life

Capacitive touch panel: Capacitive touch technology is the use of current induction to work, the screen wear is small, long service life.

Resistive touch panel: Resistive touch technology uses pressure sensing, which is easy to wear the screen, resulting in damaged touch function and short service life.

Transparency and display effect

Capacitive touch panel: Due to its construction, the transparency is higher and the display effect is better.

Resistive touch panel: Slightly lower transparency, may have a slight impact on the display effect.

Different precision

Capacitive touch panel: The theoretical accuracy can reach a few pixels, but in practice it will be limited by the finger contact area

Resistive touch panel: Precision up to at least a single display pixel, easy handwriting recognition, helps to operate in an interface using small control elements.


Capacitive touch panel: The cost of resistive touch technology is higher.

Resistive touch panel: Because capacitive touch technology is very mature, and the structure is simple, so the cost is low.

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